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Flash Drive & Compact Flash Recovery Experts

Data Analyzers is a leader in Data Recovery from Flash storage devices. Our Experienced Flash Recovery Engineers specialize in the recovery of NAND technology. NAND flash architecture was introduced by Toshiba in 1989. This storage technology is utilized in USB Thumb drives (USB Jump drives), Compact Flash Cards (CF), Secure Digital (SD) Cards, Smart Phones and Solid State Drives (SSD).

Some of the most common issues that affect flash drives are corruptions of the File System, predominately FAT32 as well as more severe corruptions of the controller chip, and failure of electrical components leading to an interruption of the internal power circuit.

“I’m very grateful for Data Analyzers. They helped me out of two terrifying jams with my Masters thesis. All other computer technology services either said that they couldn’t help me or else where non-committal. Some of these guys said that they couldn’t promise me anything but where going to charge me enormous sums just for trying. Data Analyzers where the only ones comfortable and qualified to do the job. They saved my academic life… twice!! I wholeheartedly support Data Analyzers data recovery.”

- David Cintron

If you are in need of data recovery from a flash memory device because the device is no longer recognized or because your computer displays the USB Thumb drive or Compact Flash card as 0MB, then you have come to the right place. We are able to repair the electronic board when required and have the proprietary knowledge and tools to extract your data directly from the NAND chip that stores your data.

We have successfully reconstructed data for many consumers and corporations alike.

Call use immediately at 866-456-DATA so that we assist you with the recovery of your data.

Why choose Data Analyzers?

  • Data Analyzers has one of the most sophisticated labs for the recovery of Compact Flash (CF), Flash drives (Jump drives), and Secure Digital Cards (SD)
  • We have existing relationships with Russian Computer Scientist who have pioneered the international community with the Recovery of Data from NAND storage technology
  • Member of the Global Data Recovery Alliance, which is the first and only international data recovery association of independent data recovery experts. The organization appoints one member per country. Data Analyzers are the proud representative of the USA.
  • No recovery, no Fee! If we can’t recover it there will be absolutely no charges for the labor of our engineering team.
  • All of our clients enjoy a free diagnostic evaluation on all media send in for recovery
  • We can recover your data such as pictures and documents from erased, formatted and even physically damaged media.
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